Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Satino's In The Chamber

This past Monday on Raw Super Show, World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan bashed Randy Orton's head in with his title belt. As a result, Orton is now suffering a concussion, so he will not be competing for the World Heavyweight Championship this Sunday inside the Elimination Chamber.

Randy Orton's replacement for this match will be Santino Marella! Satino earned this opportunity by winning a Battle Royal in Fresno, Ca. (NOTE: The article posted on does not indicate the date that this match took place.)

My Reaction
What?! Like....WHAT?!?! Are you serious bro?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WCW: The Draft


For months, WWE programs have been bombarded with commercials of WCW being launched as it`s third brand. Needless to say, the majority of wrestling fans are pissed about it. They're as sure that WCW will fail as they are that the sun will rise the next day. However, being the stubborn old fool that he is, Vince McMahon is going with his plans to have this third brand anyway.

The Roster (in order of being drafted)

  1. Zack Ryder
  2. Jack Swagger
  3. Booker T
  4. Yoshi Tatsu
  5. Sir Cara
  6. Drew McIntyre
  7. Husky Harris
  8. Richie Steamboat
  9. Ricardo Rogdriguez
  10. Conor O'Brian
  11. Bryan Saxton
  12. Kevin Hickman

  1. Kaitlyn
  2. Layla
  3. Shaul Marie Guerrero (her ring name in WCW will be Raquel Guerrero)
  4. Maxine
  1. Josh Mathews
  2. Matt Striker

Justin Roberts

Arn Anderson

Monday, February 13, 2012 Scam

When you log on to, you'll be redirected to Google. iPage said that the issue would be resolved within 12 hours. It's been 24 hours now, and nothing has been done. As I'm writing this blog entry, I'm online with tech support, and once again, they're telling me the same shit, they'll resolve this issue within 12 hours. To make matters worse, I cannot get a refund on the domain.

If you still don't believe that is a scam, then check out the following video.

If you plan on starting up a website, do not, I repeat, DO NOT go with iPage. iPage is NOT a legitimate company.

If you're a webmaster, and you've had horrible experiences with this excuse of a company, then check out the iPage Sucks Facebook page.

Update: So apparently, the domain name has been fixed. So if you log on to, you'll be redirected here. However, my opinions about this hosting company still hasn't changed.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Domain

Wrestle Talk Forever now has it's own domain name:

Update: I'm having some issues with the domain. Until I get that issue resolved, you'll have to log on to As I'm writing this blog entry, I've been online for a half and hour, waiting to speak with tech support.

Austin Aries Sends Wrestling News World an Email.

Wrestling News World reported that TNA had no problems with Austin Aries being the voice of the Jacob Cass character for WWE '12. However, recently, Austin sent a email to Wrestling News World, stating that he has been working on that game before he was signed to TNA.

Wrestling News World's, Richard Grey, apologizes for the error. Click here to read the full article.

My thoughts: First off, Richard Grey made an honest mistake, it happens to the best the best of us. Secondly, I'm glad that some wrestlers are actually paying attention to these wrestling websites. Not many wrestlers would take the time to do what Austin Aries did.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mickie James Heel Turn?

For those who have seen iMPACT Wrestling last night it seems like TNA is planning a heel turn for Mickie James. To be blunt, last night in her match with Velvet Sky, Mickie was being a bit of a bitch. Also, check out one of her tweets from last night.

"Ummm.... Did my ears just deceive me... Or did the Immortal Hulk Hogan just call Baby Bischoff the future of this business? Wth?! FML!!"

To be honest, I'm two minds about Mickie's potential heel turn. On one hand, this could be a refreshing change for her character. On the other hand, if Mickie James turns heel, you'll still have people cheering for her, and I would find that a bit awkward. Also, I think Mickie's potential heel turn seems a bit forced. When I read her tweet last night, I asked myself, "Where did this come from?" If TNA plans on turning Mickie James heel, then hopefully they do it right.

Lately, TNA hasn't been doing heel/face turns right as of late. For one thing, Velvet Sky being a face just doesn't work. Secondly, while Bobby Roode makes a great heel, his heel turn was forced. While I realize that the sudden change in his character was a part of a swerve, I still think his heel turn could have been handled better.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Three Count: The Miz

1) The Miz Failed To Catch R-Truth

During the Six-Pack Challenge at last Monday's episode of Raw, R-Truth attempted to do a slingshot somersault onto The Miz. However, The Miz failed to catch R-Truth. The good news is that R-Truth avoided injury. However, several company officials, including Triple H were pissed at The Miz.

2) The Miz Blamed For Low Survivor Series Buy-rates

WWE blamed The Miz for low Survivor Series buy-rates. As a result, he hasn't won a single match on TV since December 5th. For WWE to blame one person for such poor buy-rates is not only idiotic, but it's spitting in the face of the talent.

3) The Miz In An Upcoming Movie

Finally, The Miz will play a cameo in the movie Dog Fight, staring Will Ferrell & Zach Galifianakis. Just like the Diva's matches, this final link is pretty much a filler. Even I have to admit that The Miz playing a cameo in a political movie is uninteresting.